Meet Brocha Soloff, RD and Founder of iHeart Health

Brocha Soloff, BS, RD, CDN is a registered dietitian and the creator of iHeart Health™, a realistic and sustainable nutrition program for:

  • Optimal Health
  • Weight Management
  • Complex Medical Conditions

The program is tailored specifically to individual needs and is based on scientifically proven theories about nutrition, health and wellness.


Why work with a Registered Dietitian?


Brocha holds two Bachelor’s degrees: one in Psychology from Touro College and one in Health and Nutrition Sciences from Brooklyn College. She completed a 1200 hour dietetic internship residency program through CSUSB at various clinical facilities including: The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Arch Care, Palm Gardens nursing home and Ditmas Park rehab. She interned at the F-factor, under renowned dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot and in Staten Island Pediatric cardiology under the prestigious Dr. Jared Lacorte. She is an accredited member of the American Dietetic Association and of the Greater New York Dietetic Association.


Brocha has worked in private practice since the start of her career, helping patients: lose weight, lower their cholesterol and control their diabetes. She has worked in the ICU with tube fed patients as well as with WIC and cancer patients. She has also worked with hypertensive patients as well as those with endocrinology and eating disorders. She has worked with adults and children of all ages. Brocha helps individuals find a balanced approach that they can stick with, long term.

Brocha is also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through the IFPA and she has ten years of experience in customizing workout programs for her clients to help them get toned as they lean out and to build muscle and increase strength.

More about Brocha

Brocha is currently pursuing her masters in Clinical Nutrition at Brooklyn College as she makes it a priority to continuously learn in order to further increase her knowledge and advance her career. Brocha resides with her family in the Midwood area of Brooklyn, New York

About iHeart Health Nutrition Program

Brocha’s specialty is helping her clients establish a healthy relationship with food and finding a realistic and sustainable balanced approach to managing their weight in a way that not only keeps them lean and strong, but also ensures that they do not sacrifice their health.

Brocha is passionate about nutrition, health and fitness and nothing gives her greater pleasure than helping her clients achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves. What makes Brocha unique is that she personalizes her program specifically to meet each client’s individual needs and health concerns; through food and fitness. Brocha designs fitness programs for all levels and ages.

Brocha lives and breathes health and wellness and her background in psychology enables her to connect with her patients, understand their obstacles to success and help them overcome. She has extensive experience counseling individuals with food addictions.

Brocha provides in person sessions as well as telehealth and most insurances are accepted. (See insurance references on FAQ page.) Brocha caters to religious needs and preferences and will help her clients with customized meal plans.